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About Us

Chartered on April  9, 1945, the Red River Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (RRVAGO) presents hymn festivals, concerts, recitals, workshops, and social gatherings throughout its programming season. All hymn festivals, concerts, and recitals are open to the public.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the RRVAGO, please email Michael Olson at for more information or visit the American Guild of Organists website for membership options.


Below is the first entry in the original secretary's book stating who the charter members of the RRAVGO were:


The eighteen charter members of the RRVAGO included: Viola Anderson, Joseph Black, Laura Campbell, Leif Christianson, Edith Cleveland, Dorothy Deems, Vincent Dodge, Mrs. R. R. Hartwell, Mrs. R. P. Krueger, Mrs. Oscar Moen, Betty Mark, Clara Pollock, Gertie Lobben, Hazel Stalheim, Rose Liedemann, Myrtle Steen, Mrs. Hugo Wright, and Ruth Berge (who transferred her membership from the national headquarters). 

In September of that year, the first officers were elected: Dorothy Deems, Dean; Leif I. Christianson, Sub-Dean; Betty L. Mark, Secretary; and Vincent J. Dodge, Treasurer.

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